Message from the CEO

Controller Co., Ltd. was established in November 2016 in Sapporo-city, Hokkaido. In anticipation of the upcoming Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games and the bidding of the 2030 Winter Olympic Games in Sapporo, the themes of “Global Perspective of Japan”, “Globalization and Localization”, and “The Past and The Future” have become more important than ever. Controller will focus on entertainment contents that reflect this era, with the desire to introduce its splendor to people all over the world.

The core of our business is in the designing, planning and development of products based on motifs such as Japanese-specific culture and character contents which have been fostered throughout the ages, as well as entertainment business centered on music and publishing, and also the manufacture and sale of foods originated in Hokkaido, and wholesale distribution and sale of food products from all over the world.

Masaru Ichinosawa
President and CEO
Controller Co., Ltd.